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I created the "}-{ello My Future Girlfriend" web page during the summer before 6th grade. I was eleven. During this time, my elementary school friends were getting "girlfriends." It was all completely innocent at the time. That was back in 1998. I lied about my age, so I could register a tripod account. I had recently taken a beginner HTML class for kids at the local college. The class lasted at most 2 days. The instructor requested that each student bring two pictures for him to scan, so we could put them on our web pages. I brought the picture of me, and then a landscape picture my mother took while in Colorado on vacation. The class was very interesting to me at the time. One of the last HTML tags I learned in the class, was the EMBED tag. I had not met a girl in grade school that would bear the burden of being called my girlfriend. So, in an act of desperation, I created the web page. I planned to meet a nice girl in yahoo chat, and then give her the web page address, and hope for the best. As many of you have seen the web page mirrored somewhere, the email address has been changed. My original email address was kidblount@hotmail.com. Only after the web page was mirrored, did this change to kidblount@yahoo.com or something else. Summer faded, and I soon forgot all about the web page.

In 2000, I received my first email from someone who had seen the web page. It was very negative, and quite surprising. I just shrugged it off, and thought that it was just the one person that saw the page. The next day, my hotmail inbox was flooded; I bet I received at least 50 messages. Some were positive, and some were negative. At the time I was only 13 years old. The positive emails were encouraging and the negative emails had a depressing effect. It seemed for every one positive email, there were three negative ones. Soon the phone calls started. Middle of the night, people would call, and ask if I had a girlfriend. I had not told my parents about the web page, and I really didn't want them to know. Well, eventually I had to tell them. They couldn't believe I had done it, well, neither could I. So, I tried to get into my tripod account and delete the web page. However, I had forgotten the password, so, there was nothing I could do. Later, I found out that my simple web page had been mirrored all over the internet.

During this time, a person by the name of Magoo contacted me. He wanted to interview me for his website. www.chimp.ca. I reluctantly agreed, and had a couple ICQ conversations with him. He was encouraging. I lied to him about having a girlfriend. I told him I had found a girlfriend, in hopes that the late night calls would stop. This was a lie. Eventually, I came clean. One of the "girls" that had emailed me was in high school, and very attractive from her photo. I released the chat conversations I had with her to Magoo. He in turn posted her picture on his website, along with the chat. Later, the girl in the photo contacted him, and she requested her picture be removed from the site. It turns out a middle age man was posing as her.

I soon changed all my information, no longer giving out even my first name. For a period of about 6 months, I believe I didn't even use the computer. I wished that this whole thing would at least stay out of my school. I don't think I could have endured being made fun of in school for this. I wanted it all to just go away, so I stopped all contact with the online world. The phone calls also seemed to stop. I was happy, because I honestly believed it had all stopped.

Slowly, I came back to the online world. I used to even enjoy watching The Screensavers on TechTV. That all changed in January 2001. An old friend called me, out of the blue, and asked if I made a web page looking for a girlfriend. Shocked, I explain to my friend that I had. He then told me that he was watching The Screensavers, and it featured my site. I asked my friend to not tell anyone. I went to The Screensavers website to see what had happened. I then read how Martin Sargent had made fun of the site. As a result of this incident I have not watched The Screensavers since. Later, I discovered that most of my friends had seen this episode of The Screensavers, but had not made the connection that it was me.

In May, 2003, after completing the computer science final, the class was given free time on the computers. A friend that sat right next to me went to Razoric.com, to look at their animations. I glanced over at my friend's computer, and see that he is watching the "No Luck Mikey" animation. I hoped that my friend would not make the connection that I am the same Mikey whose picture was in the animation. Somehow, my friend overlooked that I was Mikey. He laughed at the animation.

Recently, I had not heard anything about the site, and I believed it had finally died out. Currently I am a junior in high school. In November, the high school's computer technician called me into her office, and told me she had received an email from someone looking for me. The email was from Gimmickry.com (since removed). He claimed he was an old friend, and wanted to interview me. I told the computer technician that I had never heard of this Aaron, so, at my request, she deleted the email. I immediately went to Gimmickry.com to see what the site was about. There I found mention of my old web page. About a week later, the school secretary asked to speak to me. Aaron had posted on the high school alumni bulletin board that he was looking for me. He claimed he was an old friend. Once more, at my request, the message was deleted.

A few weeks went by, and I thought that the people at Gimmickry.com would get bored, and stop in their search for me. I was wrong. On December 18th, 2003, I received an email from an ericmm13. It was a simple message, he said that he was a long time fan, since the early days, and he asked how things were, and if I got the girl. This was was quite a surprise. I wondered how he could have gotten my email address. I did a google search, and found out that he was a member of the Baitshop forums . On the Baitshop forums, I discovered that there has been an active forum about me since at least April of 2003. One of the latest posts was titled Michael Blount Information. The post linked back to Gimmickry.com . The page was entitled Michael Blount Findings. It listed my parents names, home address, home phone number, school address, latest accomplishments, as well as my mother's occupation and her hobbies. I found that my email address had been posted with my name on one of the pages at the Adventures in Supercomputing site, sponsored by LANL. I quickly changed the address to a different one, in hopes that the sanctity of my current email address might be preserved.

Later, I discovered the large collection of flash animations at Newgrounds . I was shocked to find out the number of flash animations on Newgrounds that involve me. I actually found a couple of the animations humorous, others I found pretty lame. It has taken me a while to go from the web page being the bane of my existence, to actually accepting it. Now, even I can go back and laugh.

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